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Weight Management Class

- Change Your Mind and Change Your Body!




Have you been on 3 or more diets? Have you got about 3 stone to lose? Have you been Yo-Yo dieting for over 3 years? If you have answered "YES!" to all of those questions, I have a unique offer for you... Weight Management through enabling the help of your powerful subconscious mind.


I give you the same secret that I found...


Through my unique weight control class, I can help you become slimmer and stay slimmer...

  • You will want to eat only healthy foods...
  • You will you enjoy reducing your weight healthily....
  • You will have all the tools you need to become a slimmer person and never go back to how you were before!


Each class is only £10 per person for the one hour class!


Class sizes will vary though will be kept small, ensuring individual attention at all times.


The class consists of:

  • Weekly Weight Management Measurement by either a Weigh-In on medical scales - this is voluntary in case you want to let the mirror be your guide;
  • Group sharing of personal achievements - you will be encouraged to share any personal triumph, i.e. noticing the change in the mirror, or feeling good about yourself for the first time in years;
  • Personal advice on management your weight;
  • Visiting experts to give advice on nutrition, health and fitness;
  • 30 minutes of Group Hypnotherapy to keep your mind in the right place.


This is your class, so the content will vary to suit it's members.


No fad diets are recommended as, after the sessions, you will want to eat healthily, without the need to snack between meals or eat unhealthy, unfulfilling food.


What have you got to lose?


Classes are throughout the week and weekend, during the day and evening. All ages are welcome.


Please phone Andy for further details on 01623 658237.


In May, a lady sent me a photo of her wedding day and also gave me permission to put this information on my website. The following is a photo of the email she sent, consisting of the lovely couple's picture, and the lady's comments, with her surname and email address removed for her confidentiality.

Thank you Anita, you look beautiful! :-) x

Here at Hypnassist, our Hypnotists are trained to the industry's highest standards. If we cannot help we will say so immediately and recommend where you should go to get help - this is all part of the FREE Consultation.


One-2-One Private Consultations


The Hypnassist Virtual Gastric Band packages are not available anywhere else as they are drawn from my own research on what works in weight management hypnotherapy... This is why I have a 100% success rate in treating weight loss.


All packages include:

Pre-Treatment Information and Questionnaires so I can get to know you and you can know what to expect;


• the actual Personalised Hypnotherapy will cover Mindset Therapy, fitting the Virtual Gastric Band todget you communicating with your stomach, and changing your food choices and eating habits with the Food Management Therapy;


• an Aftercare CD to listen to at home, to keep you on course to your weight-loss goal;


Personal Support from your therapist through our secret VIP members-only site.


Four Weight Management Group Hypnotherapy and Support Sessions (to be used within the first 30 days of treatment and continuing at £10 per week - this is for the Hypnaslim VGB package clients only) giving face-2-face support on your weight-management journey, to keep motivated on your journey, and to meet some of the other clients (class sizes are limited to 12 at a time) with which to share your triumphs and goals. To finish the meeting, we have about 20 minutes of Group Hypnotherapy to go home focused, relaxed and ready for the week ahead;


Ongoing Support from myself and my team through email and our secret members-only site.


Available Packages:


Hypnaslim Virtual Gastric Band package reduced from £349 to only £139, including: Mindset Therapy, Hypnaslim Virtual Gastric Band fitment, Food Management Therapy, Four Group Sessions, access to the Hypnaslim VIP Members Site for motivation, information, nutritional advice and support from your therapists and the other members, and the Aftercare CD to keep you motivated on your journey to achieving your weight loss goals.


All you need to do is to relax, and enjoy becoming lighter and lighter.


Some of the Weight Management Testimonials left on Hypnassist's Facebook page:


"I have had one done and believe me it works it is well worth the money. Andy is so professional too"

~ Kate Mckenzie


"After eating meals the same size as my husband. I now eat off a tea plate and am quickly full always leaving some on plate."

~ Susan M Cooper


"I had this put in place yesterday and incredibly I'm finding myself full with less than a quarter of my normal portion sizes. I am able to resist the craving feelings so far. However I am eating little but often. As a snack I had an apple earlier and was only able to eat half of it. Its honestly the strangest thing to experience. It is taking some getting used to but I'm now armed with the confidence that my mind is believing what it should. Thanks Andy."

~Nicola Reynolds


"11 days ago I has my hypnassist gastric band and I've already lost 10 lbs. I eat two thirds less each meal than I did before and after the first week my tummy hardly rumbles and I feel full quicker. As someone with a thyroid condition I normally find it difficult to loose weight as my appetite would fluctuate massively making me feel hungry. But Andy's process seems to have over ridden these feelings of hunger and I feel great. I've also been able to eat whatever takes my fancy just less of it. I've had cake and chocolate but I don't crave it the way I did before. I've been very happy with this process so far. Looking forward to the weight management class now."

~ Nicola Reynolds


"Hi im just wanting to tell you all about my experience ive yoyo dieted for years taken slimming pill after slimming pill to no avail until my last hope i went to see Andy about the visual gastric band not only do i feel amazing but im managing what im eating as well as not craving the sugary stuff that i found comfort in i just wish id of tried this first .i thought id feel stupid explaining every thing to the hypnotist but no i felt comfortable and at ease with him thank you Andy so people give it a try and see what you think x"

~ Janey Jane


"Brilliant idea this would save the national health thousands each year."

~ Janet Cooke

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