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Other Treatments


Everything you experience starts in your mind. It makes sense to therefore first concentrate all of your efforts upon the mind in order to start the healing process, and in most cases heal the problem without further recourse to medical treatment.


Some of the many things we can help you with are:

  • Weight Control
  • Smokings Cessation
  • Phobias
  • OCD
  • Relaxation
  • Confidence
  • Success
  • Fitness and Vitality
  • Wealth Creation
  • Relationships

Any other problems you would like to discuss, we would be pleased to give you advice in your FREE Consultation.



Testimony: Anxiety over phone calls causing great personal and business distress

Treatment: Took 25 minutes to permanently cure using "Regression to Cause"

The following statement is from a client who was a highly paid Manager, and who's anxiety meant she could not answer the telephone - I am sure you will agree, this is an essential part of any Manager's work. Once cured, she was able to return to her career in Management and found she was actually looking forward to the telephone ringing in her business!


"I had been having issues answering the telephone for what I thought to be 2 years/ 18 months – I would do anything not to answer it when it rang. I put it down to leaving a very high pressure job 18 months ago where the telephone was literally stuck to my ear 24 hours a day, evenings, weekends and holidays included. The problem had started holding me back more and more so much so that it was having an effect on my business. I therefore decided to consult Andy. Under hypnosis, Andy was able to regress me back to the time when I first had these feelings (it was over 3years ago, longer than I thought), to a very stressful telephone conversation with a person who I managed. This person had telephoned me threatening to commit suicide and I was out with friends 300 miles away so apart from talking to them on the telephone, I was unable to really help and was desperate to try and stop them. When Andy regressed me to this point, it was a profound experience and also an emotional release, as I had completely buried this experience in my subconscious yet it had lay there causing me problems ever since. Andy then asked me why I was not picking up the phone and my subconscious was able to explain it was because I never wanted to be in that situation again. He then worked forward with me from there. Since this session I have been released from the problem and life is back to normal. I would sincerely recommend Andy to anyone who has ANYTHING holding them back yet wants to move forward with life!"

Lisa, Rutland Water


Here at Hypnassist, our Hypnotists are trained to the industry's highest standards. If we cannot help we will say so immediately and recommend where you should go to get help - this is all part of the FREE Consultation.



Single One-2-One session: £75


Discounted One-2-One session Block Booking: £200 for three sessions.


There are always packages available to save you money :

Hypnaslim Virtual Gastric Band package reduced from £349 to only £139, including: Mindset Therapy, Hypnaslim Virtual Gastric Band fitment, Food Management Therapy, Four Group Sessions, access to the Hypnaslim VIP Members Site for motivation, information, nutritional advice and support from your therapists and the other members, and the Aftercare CD to keep you motivated on your journey to achieving your weight loss goals.


Our Unique, World-First Weight Management Group classes are charged at the Special Rate of £10 per class, with currently no Joining Fee! These combine Nutritional Therapy and Hypnotherapy in one class!


Smoke Free package double session and aftercare recordings, reduced from £249 to £120.


Home visits are currently not available due to the number of clients we see at the clinic.


Sessions last for approximately 60 minutes and use NLP and Hypnotherapy to obtain your desired result.

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