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Healing through metaphor


Stories allow us to give a message to the client in a way the client can easily understand and take into their subconscious. The stories are written for the individual and form a part of the Ericksonian style of hypnotherapy, which is one of the many treatments we can use in a treatment session.

I have just written this story for a client who requires help in looking after his health.

The Little Fan by Andy Abele D. Hyp


The Little Fan’s job was to keep everyone cool. He knew this and everyone praised him as his blades kept rotating, blowing the cool air over the faces of the hot and bothered. The shop owner praised him, the little boy who came in for the family’s bread praised him, the lady who bought an ice-lolly praised him, so he kept whirring around, keeping the air cool for the owner and his customers and feeling very proud of himself and how good he could make everyone feel.


The Little Fan had noticed a slight noise that had been getting slowly worse; it came from his shaft, which his blades rotated upon. “Still, as long as I keep rotating, that’s all that matters… as long as I keep doing my job, keeping everyone cool!” And he carried on, never thinking again of himself and this problem.


The Little Fan then felt a slight wobble in his long, slender legs, he dismissed this and set himself to rotate freely, giving the whole of the shop what they had come to expect of him: cool, flowing, refreshing air.


The Little Fan used to love to blow the shop blinds and flutter the paper bags on the counter, sending flecks of paper into the air to mix with the dust dancing with the sunbeams, though today he found the blinds harder to move and the paper didn’t want to dance, “There must be something wrong with the blinds and paper bags… maybe they don’t want to dance because they are sad?” he said, “I know, I will increase my speed and the blinds and paper bags will then have to dance again!” And so he did and the blinds swayed gently, and the flecks of paper danced once more with the dust and the sunbeams.


The goods on the shelf had started to notice a difference in the little fan, a difference that made them worried. Often they would say, “Little fan, you are looking a little tired, would you like a rest?” To which the little fan replied, “I’m fine, the people need me!”


The counters had also noticed a difference in the little fan. They saw how old he was looking and said, “Little fan, are you feeling alright? We are a little worried, would you like to rest for a while?” To which the Little Fan replied, “Then who will keep the people cool?” and carried on spinning, around and around.


One day, the Little Fan felt a pain in his chest. A pain that he had not felt before. A pain that confused him. He became slower and slower, and hotter and hotter, until he could not rotate anymore, and the Little Fan closed his eyes.


The little boy said, “Phew, it’s hot in here!”

The lady said, “What has happened to the Little Fan?”

The goods on the shelf watched as the shop owner picked up the little fan, placed it in the bin, and got a sparkling new fan from it’s box.


How the people praised the New Little Fan.


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