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Single One-2-One session: from £75


Discounted One-2-One session Block Booking: from £200 for three sessions.


Hypnassist Virtual Gastric Band Plus Package: £199


Hypnassist Virtual Gastric Band and Food Management package: £349


Hypnassist Total Care Weight Management Package: £699


Smoking Cessation Package: £299


Phobia cures: £75 for the session


Our Unique, World-First Weight Management Group classes are £5 per class, and are for weight management clients only.


Sessions last for approximately 60 minutes and include NLP techniques and Hypnotherapy as required.

Andy Abele Mansfield Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Hypnassist

Further Details


We are here to change your mind! All problems start in the mind so that is what must be addressed, first and foremost...


Both Andy and Kathy have a wealth of experience and would be pleased to talk to you about any problems you may be having and how hypnotherapy will work for you.


You will be treated with care and respect, and all treatments are tailored to the individuals' personality and needs. Anything you tell us is in the strictest confidence and if we can't help, we will always know someone who can... We are here to help.


"We are Here to Change Your Mind!"

Here at Hypnassist, our Hypnotists are trained to the industry's highest standards. If we cannot help we will say so immediately and recommend where you should go to get help - this is all part of the FREE Consultation.

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